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Found a wizard dwelling in San Francisco.

mocaw replied to your photo “This cat is going places.”

Is that Evan

P much. She came back from school for this rad snap

This cat is going places.




From Sophie de Oliveira Brata’s Alternative Limb Project

Oh my gosh so beautiful.


Track: Fukai Mori
Artist: Inuyasha
Album: Inuyasha Best Of Inuyasha 1
Fukai Mori - Do As Infinity || 2nd Ending theme

This song should bring back so many memories for you old school [adult swim] watchers! It’s my all time favorite ending theme.




Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!
Who devours the flesh of mortals? You devour the flesh of mortals!

Poseable “Cerberus in a Can” now available in our Etsy shop.

good product, good design and packaging, great photos, A+++

very very nice

So the internet is currently garbage at my house, so I left to do readings

While I was gone a package notice was left for me ????

Like I don’t think I’m really expecting anything right now (besides a shirt I preordered months ago that I’ve yet to receive a shipping notice for)

I don’t know and now I’m upset I had to leave my house because the internet doesn’t work.



Now, Which of these should I eat first?


Unattainable things by Chiara Bautista


Things i want in life: a Labyrinth remake with Kristen Stewart as Sarah and Tilda Swinton as Jareth.


me: i have depression

person: *suddenly becomes mental health expert, nutritionist, spiritual guide* why dont u try yoga why dont u eat lots of fruit maybe u should exercise have u tried keeping a journal have u tried yoga have u tried meditation have u tried sitting in the sun have u tried patting a dog have u tried exercise yoga in the fruit sun yoga yoga